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Our employer partners benefit from Capital IDEA Houston through two programs: 1) Employment Services, a free service where employers find motivated, educated workers from our pool of graduates, and 2) Upskilling Mobility Services, where we provide bespoke paid services to businesses to upskill their employees and resolve any people resource gaps.

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Upskilling Mobility Services Program
Employment Services

Upskilling Mobility Services Program

Capital IDEA Houston is leading the workforce development movement by providing paid bespoke services for local employers to equip incumbent workers and community members with the skills needed to become valuable contributors to their organizations. Participants receive wrap-around case management, career navigation, assessments, training, transportation, child care assistance, and peer-support groups.

Through their participation in the program, employees transition from entry level jobs in housekeeping, call centers, and food service to other departments with higher compensation, benefits, and advancement opportunities. Capital IDEA Houston works closely with employer partners to identify their pain points and collaborates with Houston Community College to develop training opportunities that align with regional employer needs. Additionally, Capital IDEA Houston researches and identifies growing industries and businesses in the Gulf Coast region and works tirelessly to secure Houston employer partners in a diverse range of industries. To date our program has established important partnerships with influential organizations such as Aon, Harris Health System and Houston Methodist to support their employees who are in training with the support of Capital IDEA Houston’s wraparound services.

Employment Services

When hiring Capital IDEA Houston graduates you are choosing from a pool of qualified and diverse candidates with industry standard certifications & degrees, critical thinking skills, perseverance, motivation and confidence.

Upon earning a certificate or degree through our sponsorship, participants connect with our Employer Partners who are seeking motivated workers from our graduates.

Capital IDEA Houston is committed to educating and training the next generation of dynamic and dedicated employees. Through our unique wraparound support and the training our participants receive, our graduates forge a new invigorated sense of self and belonging that transforms them into driven and passionate individuals ready to step into their chosen professions. Our Employment Services not only coaches them as they transition from students to critical contributing members of Houston’s workforce but also leverages the close relationships we have built with our graduates to find the perfect fit for Employer Partners.

We help you meet your employment needs in Health Care, Construction Trades, Logistics and Warehousing and Technology with no recruitment costs. Our approach nurtures committed team members that leads to high retention rates for our Employer Partners. Get to know how Capital IDEA Houston Employment Services can efficiently streamline your new employee pipeline. Let us help you staff your organization or boost your existing employees capacities.
Our mission is to invest in underemployed adults by funding educational pathways to attain thriving careers and financial self-sufficiency
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