Your College Degree Fully Funded!

Capital IDEA Houston fully funds participants’ tuition, fees, and books for an Associate’s Degree or College-level Certificate with no loans or paybacks required.

Each participant works closely with a Career Navigator who provides case management support from enrollment through to graduation. Participants are required to meet weekly with their Career Navigator and with their career cohort peer-support group.

Upon graduation, participants receive personalized job placement assistance.

Sponsored Careers

Click on each sponsored career to find out more information about that area of study.*
Note on Median Salaries: It's important to note that the actual salary for these positions can vary depending on factors such as the specific job duties, level of education and experience, location, and employer. Entry-Level salaries are expected to be lower than the median. Some employers may offer additional benefits or bonuses that can increase the overall compensation package. Additionally, salaries can increase with experience and additional education or certifications.
*Information taken from and

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If you meet our minimum qualifications, you are eligible to apply for our programs. Successful applicants demonstrate a commitment to complete the program, getting employed, and willingness to give back to the community. Check out our list of minimum requirements here. Start working towards a more financially stable life today. Begin your application process by taking 3 minutes to fill out an interest form!
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Our mission is to invest in underemployed adults by funding educational pathways to attain thriving careers and financial self-sufficiency
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